Medical Esthetics Presents:
Laser/ IPL Course Objectives

Medical Esthetics course outline (copywritten)

  • Learn about physiology and tissue interaction, wavelengths, pulse duration, spot size, optical energy etc.  

  • Learn about phototherapy safety, preventative measures, practitioner administrative requirements, and laser safety, pre-and post-treatment instruction, treatment contraindications, and the management of post care. 

    Learn the pro’s and con’s of light based systems on the market today  

  • Learn to identify what system is right for your practice depending on your goals and practice needs and the goals/ needs of your target clients –save wait to buy until you train!  
    Learn to understand patient/client selection, client education, charting, treatment records and documentation requirements. 

    (Home care study manual / home study prep and practice tools)

  • Learn to customize the most effective treatment protocols and procedures to optimize client results and reduce or prevent adverse reactions.   

  • Learn about hair removal, hair/ skin anatomy and hair growth cycles, and practical application methods.    

    Learn techniques for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne and more. Learn how to prepare for treatment, use of safety-goggles, benefits of conductive gel, spot testing, and handling adverse reactions.  

    Learn the basics on effective marketing and adding treatments with success.

  • Medical Esthetics home study /course manual for training classes, classes with approved Network educators (available via Book Order page)

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