Re: New Hampshire license update

After the failure of last sessions bill to remove licensure from the professions, several NH state legislators have taken a new approach.

House Bill 1265 is looking to set up a small committee to review all the professions currently regulated by the state. This bill is asking that the 5-member committee review each profession and decide what regulation is needed to assure public health and safety.  That level of regulation could be licensure, certification, registration or none at all. the bill also claims that there is no evidence that licensure provides any more safety than certification.  Also, it claims that licensure is overly restrictive and excludes from the profession those that have the necessary skills but not the time or money needed to pursue licensure.

While I respect and appreciate the importance of fairness, I question why there is a need to go back to square one on each profession.  According to our State Board, licensure is not granted without extensive review of all issues related to that profession and how its application relates to health and safety issues.  

It is widely known that the sponsors of this bill are determined to eliminate what they consider overly-restrictive government involvement.  It is unfortunate that our profession is among those targeted.  I am concerned that, at a time when we are trying to assure continuing education and an increasing level of professionalism for estheticians, this bill could threaten the livelihood of NH estheticians and our ability to serve our clients.  

The text of the bill can be accessed at the web address below:


Kate Riley, clinical esthetics


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