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Why do I love continuing education?  By: Kate Riley, contributing writer

You know the thoughts. Things are going well; business is pretty successful. My clients are happy; they’re getting good results. I am as busy as I want to be; I have no time for one more class. Why, then, should I look for more education?

The longer I am in this field and the more I learn, the more I realize that there is so much more I need to know to do my best. That is why I look for more education. This is why I love continuing education.

New knowledge

There are always new things to learn; it is one of the facts I love most about esthetics. When I became an esthetician over 20 years ago, I got a great education. I felt confident and my clients loved what I could do for them. We were just starting to hear about this miraculous ingredient called glycolic acid. This would revolutionize skincare procedures and products; and it did. I needed continuing education.

I found a class with a leading manufacturer and learned about glycolic acid and how to use it. I incorporated this new product into my procedures and recommended it to my clients. Good results, but no miracles. Then there were a few challenges; time to learn more. On to another manufacturer where I expected to find my answers and found more questions. What is the percentage and does it matter? What is the pH? Is it naturally-derived or synthetic?

Finally, I found a product-neutral class that taught me about the ingredient, not the manufacturer’s product. I learned how glycolic worked and how to evaluate products, procedures and home care. I was taught about the range of ingredients that are alpha hydroxy acids and how to get the best out of each one. Fundamentals, not marketing.

That class was from Medical Esthetics, Inc. My instructor, Michelle Palmer, a Naturopathic Doc specializing in skin care. Her exhaustive knowledge fulfilled my need for good, solid information about exfoliation, peels and how to use them safely and effectively. My vision of what I could do for my clients expanded exponentially. It was like the bright sunshine after a foggy day.

In my excitement to solidify what I had learned in the Medical Esthetics peels class, I sat at the airport before my flight home and copied my notes on my laptop so I could refer back to them as needed. I wrote what turned out to be the peels chapter in the Medical Esthetics manual.

I was so energized, I sought out manufacturers who could provide me with the products I needed and that met the specifications I knew I could work with. No fluff, no hype; I could deliver predictable results with procedures I could customize for the specific concerns and needs of my clients on each visit. What a revelation.

This inspiration led me to more Medical Esthetics, Inc. classes.

Upgraded skills

No one argues with the necessity to be educated about technical skills. All too often, equipment training comes along with the machine and the sales rep. It is a good start, but I learned quickly that the education needs to come from a professional who is successfully using the equipment. I need to know the limitations as well as the benefits. I want to learn successful techniques from the people who are using the skills, not the ones selling them.

My next class with Medical Esthetics addressed microdermabrasion. By this time, I had been performing and teaching microdermabrasion and felt comfortable in my knowledge and technique. This new class took my learning to the next level, with new information on skin prep pre-microdermabrasion and new options for post-microdermabrasion. This class opened up more possibilities about combining modalities and building customized series of procedures.

I learned more about the boundaries of my scope of practice; what my license allows and does not allow. I learned more about how to ask better questions of my clients, my suppliers and my state board.

Reinforce aptitude

Think about the classes you have taken where you walk out saying “I really knew all of that.” Good for you; good for me. I love knowing that my skill and knowledge level is up to date. I like knowing that the best way to do something is the way I do it. That reinforcement is priceless.

In attending classes, ask yourself these four questions:

  1. What did I hear that was new to me?
  2. What did I hear that I already know?
  3. What did I hear that I knew but forgot or no longer do?
  4. What will I do differently with what I heard in this class?

With this format, I can maximize the value of the class. I have always felt I got exceptional value for the time and money I spent on Medical Esthetics classes.

Re-energize attitude

Every Medical Esthetics class I attend reinvigorates me and reinforces the excitement I have for skin care. The people around me, whether a new student or a long-time veteran, share in that excitement. Attitudes can become stale and ho-hum.

After every class, my clients comment on how much I must really love what I do. It’s true; I love sharing what I know with everyone around me. I am always so grateful that I have the opportunity to touch people and enhance their lives through esthetics.

Enlarge networks

It always comes down to the people; clients, co-workers, professional peers. Each one brings insight and inspiration. I have found this to be especially true at my Medical Esthetics classes. There are new people who have new knowledge for us, specialists in their field with inspiring education. There are familiar faces who expand on what they have already taught us; building on that foundation. More than once I have attended a class multiple times and I learn something new with every exposure.

Then there are the women and men who do what I do every day. Not all estheticians have the more clinical focus I have chosen; Medical Esthetics attendees have that and understand the rewards and challenges. There are conversations that can open my eyes about what we do and how we do it. These are the people I can count on when I have a question or a challenge. My professional support group is coast-to-coast and I can call on them at any time.

I love my networks and the people that are a part of them. One of my strongest networks comes from the people I count on for my education. Medical Esthetics is an association of like-minded professionals who know that it is never too soon or too late to get a better education.

Yes, I love continuing education. I love learning, practicing and teaching the knowledge that moves and improves our field and my practice. And that is why I depend on Medical Esthetics, Inc. for good, solid continuing education.

Kate Riley, is a team member of Medical Esthetics. As a Licensed Esthetician, Esthetics Instructor and former owner of Esthetics Institute in Concord, NH, Kate provides client procedures, continuing education and esthetician mentorship.   Kate is an approved TTNL educator.
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