Medical Esthetics® Conference
30 Years of Excellence in Education
The One and Only
Medical Esthetics® Conference
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Medical Esthetics®  
Enhancing Your Practice Success!
St. Augustine/ Jacksonville, FL
Medical Esthetics® Conference
Subjects include:
*Mastering Medical Esthetics®
*Laser/ IPL
*Safe Dermaplaning
*Advanced Peels with Microderm
*Enhancing Your Botox & Filler Treatments
*Ultrasound to Enhance Treatments
*FDA Approved Devices to Enhance Your Treatment Success & Lower Liability
*MediCosmetics post Treatment, Completing your Treatments, keeping your clients happy
*Financial Success - Essential to Practice Success!

  • Medical Esthetics® Meetings always include: 
    • Top Industry Educators
      Top Industry Speakers
      Live Demos
    • Easy Airport Access
    • Medical Esthetics® Certification Exam
    • CEU's* for Specialist Members!
    • Post Conference Workshops - Top Industry Pros!
      Discounts for Specialist Members!
    • Specialist Members meeting!
      Medical Esthetics® Conference Manual

      Early registration
      Key Speakers include:
      Jack Largent - Financial Guru
      Medical Esthetics founding Marketing Director

      Nurse Practitioner Educater - Botox and Fillers

      Ann Buford, LPN, CAMS - Tools for Practice Success
    • Michael David, Director
    • Many more!
      1 Day of speakers followed by 1 day of 4 workshops
       w/ top subjects to enhance your practice success!  Post exam via new network testing company for any non-certified or registered professional!
    • February 2015 conference was a great success!
    • Next conference December 2017