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 In today's competitive world, with ever changing advancements and patient/ client needs, it's important for practitioners to demonstrate they can compete.  In this industry, certification and continuing education are proof  that you can not only do the job, but that you are committed to the work and excel in it.  See how Medical Esthetics®  Membership, Certification & Network Training Programs Can Take You to the Next Level of Success!   
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Medical Esthetics® Mission Statement 1985-2015
Medical Esthetics®  provides professional status to medical spa/ office & clinical aesthetics practitioners.  We bring professionalism and standardization to the field, increase ethics and integrity and provide a union of aesthetics and medicine.  We are dedicated to the successful networking of medical and aesthetics disciplines.  Our association actively promotes education and certification and provides our members with network education in the latest scientific & clinical advancements
Pioneers - Industry Leaders 30 Years!

Become part of  Medical Esthetics® , a proactive association that advances Clinical and Medical Spa/Office Esthetics for the following professions:  Nurses, Physician Assistants, Doctors, Micropigmentation Specialist, Medical Assistants, Surgical Techs,  Electrologist, Naturopaths, Laser Techs, Medical Spa Practitioners and related complementary health-care professionals including Aestheticians.
Medical Esthetics®  - founded 1985

#1 Association & Network  Established 1987
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 Code of Ethics:  Members earn public confidence by promoting successful professional practice through:    Integrity of the heart,  Faithfulness of the mind, and Skillfulness of the hands
Medical Esthetics Network Education Programs Include: 
Medical Esthetics Boot Camp™ - Medical Office / Medical Spa Workshop, TTNL/ "Level II" - Advanced Esthetics Training, Advanced TTNL - Advanced Clinical Esthetics, Advanced Aesthetics Workshops including Lymph Drainage, MediCosmetics, IPL, Nutrition, MediLaser, Mastering Medical Esthetics®(Level III)- ProMedical Techniques™- Private Training for Medical Professionals, Medical Esthetics®  Registration/ Membership & Medical Esthetics®  Fellowship (2014)
The Pioneers - Industry Leaders 30 Years!
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